Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Need another reason?

So, I'm on my way to work, stop off like I usually do to get a coffee... guy with a friend walks in behind me .. big guy, looks liek a biker with tatoos all over etc...

starts talking to his friend

" these people need a good A@# kicking"
" Don't think im just talking to you, im talking to all of you people"

At this point I turn around, he is right behind me but keeps looking at his friend. I think about saying something, but he looks a bit psychotic, like hes waiting for me to make the first move, so i turn around and wait my turn.....

" They always just run and cry to their organization; they hate us, they hate us, ... wah...wah"
"The answer for all of them is a long tree and a short rope"

At this point , im thinking, do I say anything or not, i decide saying something will give him the satisfaction of getting me upset... I go get my coffee and head toward the door. I can sense people behind me so i open the door, it is them! one walks on through , the biker guy stops and says
hey, dont give them the satisfaction"

I continue holding the door, he waits , for about 10 seconds no one makes a move, then i just leave and let the door shut in his face. he walks back to his car, i try to keep my distance but get close enough to see the liscence..but i dont...

Another morning in the exile...

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