Friday, April 20, 2007

Chassidish Medical Interview

So last night in the Peditatric ER, a chassidish couple comes in with their 3 year old daughter. She was running in school and had a head on collision with a classmate. She had some symptoms suggestive of a post concussion syndrome, which is difficult to diagnose, especially in kids.... I was trying to ask her some questions to test her memory....

Me: Which "yomtif" just passes

little Girl (LG): shrugs her shoulders shyly

Me: Was it Purim?

LG: looks at me, not understanding

Me: ( to her father) does she speak english?

Tatty: Perfectly

Me: OH! ( back to LG) was it Peee - rim

LG: NO! it was PIE- SACH !!!

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