Friday, February 2, 2007


We have spent much of the last 2 years looking at various communities around Jerusalem where I will be working. After 2 trips, here are the top choices....

1) Neve Daniel:


- Proximity to Jerusalem
- Nice view
- We now know some people there
- Good size yishuv, good english services, good
schools in the gush
- has makolet , bakery, pizza, hardware store
- many minyanim ( including carlebach)
- english shiurim

- Prices
- Seperation (topographicaly) of new / old yishuv
- some anglo Israeli- tensions
- not "warm" yishuv ( NO one said shabbat shalom to us
in shul!)
- 20,000$ yishuv entrance fee, must take test


- good size yishuv
- good relations / mix of anglo israeli
- considered a more "warm" community
-english services, shiurim, schools of the gush
- proximity to jerusalem

- Expensive
- lack of housing
- only 1 central shul
- 15,000$ yishuv entrance fee, must take test

3) Zayit in Efrat


- proximity to jerusalem
-good mix anglo / israeli
-many english shiurim
-many minyanim
- all the shopping services of efrat
-more affordable housing
- smaller sub section of large efrat city
- no entrance fee, no test

- not the most "green" place
- lack of warmth ( i emailed their chat list asking
for info / aliyah questions.. out of the 100 families
or more i got back a measly FOUR replies!! suggestive
of the lack of a real yishuv type feeling, lack of
caring ( not one of the 4 invited us for shabbat to
check it out)

3) Neve Tzuf


- Beautiful yishuv
- Pool!, Forest, stables
- warm, caring, hospitable community
- afordable rentals
- good climate
-good schools, many serives on yishuv
- heterogeneous dati mix
- no yishuv entrance fee, no test
- 5 min to modiin whee there is a TEREM i can do some
- 15% anglo
- good school used to english kids


- 45 min to jerusalem
-most young couples israeli ( few anglo)
-many shiurim but all in hebrew
- schools have less anglo resources compared with gush
- lack of housing ( as per person i spoke with, its
a real issue, the yishuv is almost full!)
- not a free market ( i.e its more of an old school
experience, cannot just come buy a home like all the
other places, need to live in small rental for a year
before acceptance)

4) Alon Shvut

Like Neve Daniel, expensive, and big lack of housing. In the gush so proximity to Jerusalem. Har etzion Yeshivah on the yishuv.

5) Rosh Tzurim

Looks like a good option for us.
small yishuv / kibbutz in the gush. Down to earth, friendly people. Finishing up a new housing project that is more affordable then other places in the gush.

Keeping in mind as well.....

Tekoa: New road not completed yet.. "outside wall"
Maaleh Adumim: Expensive housing, basically a city...

Thats all for now.... it gets exhausting

Shabbat Shalom


Rifki said...

Shavua Tov, fellow Canadian!

I made the move over a decade ago. I was born and bred in Montreal, and I started out in Jerusalem. Subsequently, I got married and we relocated to Maaleh Adumim. After our first was born, we moved to Neve Tzuf, which has been home to us ever since. We now have three kids and our own home.

As for the other places on your short list: my brother-in-law lives in Rosh Tzurim and can give you info about Alon Shvut, too. He is hoping to buy into the new project (on the kibbutz), that you mentioned). I also have a good friend (who used to live in Beit Shemesh) and has settled down in Neve Daniel. We have friends, who used to live in Elazar, but built a place in Ofra, just fifteen minutes away from Neve Tzuf. And finally, we have friends who live in Efrat (I think that they're in Zayit, but I might be mistaken).

In any case, if we can be of any help, or if you'd like to correspond (ask any questions, or have us put you in touch with our connections), just let us know. We'll be glad to make your path towards coming home as smooth as possible.


David said...

HI Rifki...

Thanks for the comment...

I do have quite a few questions id love to ask...

We have spoken to Amy and plan on comming for a shabbat to neve tzuf in June B'H.
whats the best way to converse?

HolyCityPrayer said...

Hi David and Rifki!

Gidon here from Maale Adumim!

First of all, good luck with your Aliyah, David!

Rifki, drop me a line! gidon.ariel at gmail

Rifki said...

David --

Due to time differences, email's the best option, I think.

What's your address? I couldn't find it anywhere!

David said...

Hi Rifki and Gidon...

Rifki- Hi.. Thanks so much.. my email is

Gidon- Hi.. thanks for the visit... I just posted about Maale Adumim and mitzpe nevo then saw your comment! please let us know if anything comes up there....

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